Frysk Utilities

In the last couple of months, we’ve been working on Frysk, the Frysk UI, but also a collection of standalone utilities. These use the frysk core to do most of the system level work. A few of the ones we are working on at the moment:

  • fcore – a utility to attach to a running process, extract and write a multi-threaded core dump (with notes), detach and let the process continue.
  • fstep – a utility to step over each instruction in a process, and print the corresponding asm to the console.
  • fstack – a utility to attach to a running process, extract a multi-threaded stack-trace from a running process, detach and let the process continue.
  • ftrace – a utility to trace system calls that a process is currently executing.
  • fcatch* – a utility to run a program until termination, then print out a stack-trace on exit (so one can see the back-trace of where it exited).

There are a lot of areas these tools can be useful, especially in directed use and not the more generic “watch and observe” behavior of the Frysk UI. There are also a lot of places where we need more. fauxv for example would print out a running process’s auxv data in human readable form. Any more ideas for directed utilities?

* fcatch is a temporary name. We asked on the Frysk list for ideas for names.

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