The danger of rainy weekends

Besides Project Archer I have been mucking around with Systemtap. I’ve always had a bit of trouble writing Systemtap scripts – my brain is not big enough, or my practice high enough to write a comprehensive script without continually looking at the man-pages, language-reference guide or poking around in the Systemtap source. It makes for slow going sometimes.

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with  Frank and he mentioned that Systemtap can now generate coverage on Systemtap’s tapset library with:

stap -L tapset.*

I thought … hmmm.

I’ve been ittching to get back to some Eclipse hacking, and I’ve been waiting for something to come and scratch that itch.

I thought … hmmm.

It’s raining Saturday. “I’ll hack on this for a bit,” I thought.

hmmmmm ….

Well it ate up my whole weekend, but I hacked up a little Systemtap editor in Eclipse that offers syntax highlighting and probe completion.

Here is a view of the editor and completion:

Systemtap Editor Syscall Completion

And here is a screen-shot showing the completion window as we drill down through all the signal probes (in this case to*)

Systemtep Editor Partial Signal Completion

I was very impressed with Eclipse, and how everything just worked on Fedora. It took about a day to get the completion, syntax highlighting and the engine-room work to generate the completion meta-data from Systemtap (have to do it dynamically and cache it). I’ll hack on this project as my “weekend” project – it is still pretty raw. I’ll put the plug-in and source up when I can work-out a place to host it.

Also, while I’m here I’d like to point you in the direction of another Systemtap UI. This has a different focus to what I hack on, and seems to concentrate more on execution. I am more focused on script development. It’s all good.

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  1. Jeremy Katz says:

    You could easily host it on fedorahosted if you’d like

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